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18 March 2009 @ 01:44 pm
new tori amos!!

just heard the first song off her new album, "abnormally attracted to sin", called "welcome to england"
it's awesome, as always- kinda "choirgirl" synthy at the beginning and then into a "pele" kinda groove...

now here's hoping npr broadcasts her sxsw showcase performance that she does tomorrow night

countdown to may 19th and the new album!
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20 February 2009 @ 09:57 am
and i'm already spent!

i have some co-workers in from out of town so we took them to the parades last night and wednesday night...
and i am mardi gras'd out (it's so not my thing...)
so aside from thoth on sunday, and possibly orpheus on monday night, i'm done
(hey marquisdd , maybe we could meet up for that parade? it would be a good one for paul to see b/c it's my fav!)

looking forward to a 4 day weekend of doing nothing but watching season 3 of "the wire"

everyone have a safe and happy mardi gras!!

10 February 2009 @ 09:03 am
i have been using a new line of hair care for about a month and a half now- it's called swa by ojon and i am loving it...just wish it wasn't so damn expensive, but it's worth it b/c my hair is lookin' good, if i do say so myself...ladies, i totally rec. this brand

rahna is coming in town in april and i am very excited about that

i am waiting to get my hands on the new orla keily stuff at target but it hasn't arrived in our stores yet :(
i need the cute little ceramic canisters! they are going to look so cute in my kitchen!

the house reno continues on...i just bought the curtain fabric for my bedroom and all i have to do is bring it over to erin who has graciously agreed to make more curtains for me...
here's the fabric we selected- it kinda has a tropical vibe, but it has all the same colors as my fav. rug in the front room that really ties the whole house together...

our next project, which we are in the planning stages of is an overhaul of our linoluem room- which will become a closet/ excercise eqpt./ playstation room and a total re-do of the master bath and laundry room...
right after that, we are doing a minor redo of the guest bath- just re-tiling and adding a tub b/c it only has a shower right now

speaking of tubs, we have a cast iron clawfoot tub we are getting rid of...can i sell that? any ideas where?
anyone looking for one? it needs to be blasted and re-painted, but it's in pretty good shape

i'm gonna take some picts. of the linoleum room so we can do a before and after; something i wish i'd done with the rest of the house but didn't...

we are 99% sure there is hardwood floor under the layers of crappy flooring, but i'm not sure what condition it's gonna be in
i really want to use flor carpet tiles in that room so i have a soft on my toes closet, but the pattern i wanted has been discontinued by them...i'm gonna try e-bay or something but may have to find another option

so, that's pretty much what's going on with me...
looking forward to the days off work for mardi gras so we can start the demo in our house and get the bathrooms done by the time rahna gets here in april!

08 January 2009 @ 09:11 am
wayne and i are going to see "let the right one in" tonight at zeitgeist at 7pm

if you feel like it, come join usssss...
31 December 2008 @ 11:57 am

this is the coolest wall decal ever, and you can get it in lots 'o colors...
here's where it's from on etsy:

10 December 2008 @ 08:36 am
so last friday wayne and i went to see REPO: the genetic opera at the prytania theater

it was awesome!!!!
if it comes to your city, go see it...if it doesn't i think the dvd comes out in january so get that, i know i am

at the screening the director, darren bousman (who also did the first 4 saw movies) and one of the writers/stars, terrance zdunich were there to meet people, promote their film and do a Q&A after the show

it was really cool to hear them talk about the process that they went through to get this film made and about sarah fucking brightman- who is so freakin' awesome i can't stand it

terrance is an amazing creative talent and he even sang us one short line of zydrate anatomy- such a great voice!

here is a link the darren's (the director's) blog about the show...they went drinking at pravda after :)


and although you can't see me and wayne in the picture of the crowd throwing up horns, we are in the very back to the left of the door :p
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soooooo, i'm thinking about getting an amazon kindle
has anyone seen one in real life?
they have a forum on amazon to "see a kindle in your city" but couldn't find nola :(

i'm not really sure if i want one or not...
i can see the advantages- less $$ for new books, less paper, easier to lug on vacation than a pile of books, but i don't know if i can get over not physically having a book

of course i woudn't abandon books completely- there are some authors whose books i would always buy, kinda the same as there are some musicians i always buy on cd and not just download- and i would still be on PBS, so this would mostly be for new books, blogs, magazines etc.

i've been thinking about this since it came out and wasn't really sold on the idea until (and don't slap me for saying this) oprah was singing it's praises on her show. she's a real reader, whether you like her book club selections or not, and she was crazy about it; she showed all it's cool features and had the amazon guy who created it on her show about 2 weeks ago

anyone have thoughts?

if you have no idea what i'm talking about, just go on amazon- it's front and center

17 September 2008 @ 03:37 pm
watched a few dvd's last weekend:

the fall- pretty good story, the little girl was adorable, and the movie was very nice to look at
the life before her eyes- i liked this one...

here are some i've been hearing about on the interweb that i'm looking forward to seeing (but i'll have to wait for dvd most likely b/c they won't be released here...)

vinyans- getting mixed reviews, it seem the bloggers from tiff either love it or hate it. i didn't like calvaire, but i still want to see this one...
eden lake
the burrowers
JCVD- can't wait for this, for reals
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10 September 2008 @ 02:18 pm

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05 September 2008 @ 04:16 pm
 wayne and i are back...not much traffic at all the way we came so we made really good time

now we're at home and we have power!!

we may head out for a drink tonight but not sure