elizabeth (matel) wrote,

house reno update...

our closet/treadmill/video game room is 90% done...

we have the floor refinished, the walls drywalled and painted, and the crown molding up
we need to finish caulking and filling the nail holes in the crown molding
we need to paint the 2 door frames and the window frame
we need floor molding

and we need this all done by this weekend!

the floor molding will probably wait b/c we need to see what our options are and try to match the 10" moulding in the rest of the house
we also got 3 huge ikea wardrobes (thank god for craig's list) that we have to put back together and set up in the room
and my project is buying a new curtain rod and finding an area rug...wayne does all the manual labor and i supervise :p

the drywall dust has been trying to keep me down, but me and my trusty dyson have been mostly keeping it at bay
however, i am looking forward to a few construction free weeks in the house before we finish the master bathroom (the last room!!)

pictures to come...
Tags: house
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