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16 November 2010 @ 02:31 pm
i just read that they are remaking "Martyrs" which is one of the best horror movies ever, imho
why does Hollywood keep doing this?

why won't people just READ THE SUBTITLES
29 October 2010 @ 02:15 pm
courtney's getting in town tomorrow so we'll be out her her and her new beau and then we're going to the game

SAINTS vs STEELERS Sunday night!!

Who Dat, baby
14 October 2010 @ 02:02 pm
i never update facebook either
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24 February 2010 @ 11:13 am
last night i was watching "16 and pregnant" on mtv...
it was one of the most uncomfortable things i have ever watched
all editing aside, the baby daddy josh is a total sociopath and wife beater in the making

i was on the phone at every commercial with leigh to make sure it wasn't just me
my heart was pounding through the whole show and i just wanted to cry for the poor girl, nikkole

you can watch the episode online at mtv.com

it's heartbreaking...
28 December 2009 @ 03:25 pm
i have started and stopped 2 books in 2 days...

one of them i was enjoying for about 30 pages (the elegance of the hedgehog) and them i was just like, eh, it's not going fast enough for me so i put it down and watched a criminal minds marathon instead

i may have to read a james patterson book or something to get me out of this funk!
i need to turn the pages!!

found one...beat the reaper by josh bazell
07 December 2009 @ 09:24 am
saw the movie this weekend...i sure hope the book was better!

either way, what is the significance of some of the roadies missing thumbs?
17 November 2009 @ 08:54 am
our closet/treadmill/video game room is 90% done...

we have the floor refinished, the walls drywalled and painted, and the crown molding up
we need to finish caulking and filling the nail holes in the crown molding
we need to paint the 2 door frames and the window frame
we need floor molding

and we need this all done by this weekend!

the floor molding will probably wait b/c we need to see what our options are and try to match the 10" moulding in the rest of the house
we also got 3 huge ikea wardrobes (thank god for craig's list) that we have to put back together and set up in the room
and my project is buying a new curtain rod and finding an area rug...wayne does all the manual labor and i supervise :p

the drywall dust has been trying to keep me down, but me and my trusty dyson have been mostly keeping it at bay
however, i am looking forward to a few construction free weeks in the house before we finish the master bathroom (the last room!!)

pictures to come...

actually, i have this book and it's pretty good and seems very well researched...
and sion sono directing?! i'll be interested to see what he does, after all "suicide circle", "noriko's dinner table" and "strange circus" are favs. of mine...
21 May 2009 @ 11:24 am
IFC picked up Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist" at Cannes!

yeahhh, now i just hope we'll get to see it uncut (in all it's glory?) b/c of the strong reactions all the critics are having to this film

i don't know why they'd be surprised though, LVT is always pushing the envelope and that's why i can't think of anything he's done that i don't love

and, from what i hear, i won't be having anymore crazy willem dafoe sex dreams after i see the film...

oh, and nick cave scored the film version of "the road" so if seeing omar from "the wire" again wasn't enough...
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21 May 2009 @ 10:14 am
i want these....
*jump up and down/ temper tantrum/pouty face*
but they are tres expensive (anthropologie, natch)...maybe they will go on sale one day...le sigh

in other home news...we haven't done really any more work in the backyard because, well, we're lazy
but this weekend we are pulling up the layers of linoleum in the room that will be my closet so we can see what condition the floors are in...if they can be re-finished relatively easily and cheaply, then we'll keep the wood in that room and have to choose tiles for the bathroom floors...if the wood is in really bad condition, we're doing cork floors in the closet and both bathrooms!

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